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The Suitcase Coffee Company will be giving at least 10% of its profits to WYLD. The World Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) programme is a life and leadership skills programme designed and run by a charity called The Congo Tree. Working specifically with young people who have grown up in conflict zones, the WYLD programme is currently running in three locations in the Democratic Republic of Congo – in the province from which we also source our delicious coffee beans! The WYLD programme aims to inspire, equip and support young people’s development and resilience through training, mentoring and encouraging them to get involved in their communities with social action and small enterprise. Long-term, we want to run WYLD programmes with youth wherever we source our coffee – inspiring and equipping young people whilst also providing real employment opportunities.


For more information visit their website.

Democratic Republic of Congo

We source our coffee from North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to the Virunga mountains and the rich, fertile soil that gives our coffee it’s uniquely fruity, round and mellow taste. In an area wracked with conflict, coffee farmers are overcoming the odds and reviving their skills to ensure that we get to experience the delicious profile of their efforts. The coffee we select is all of specialty quality, from farms where we know that the farmers are paid a fair and sustainable price. We’re now working with local people to support the restoration of washing stations to support further development.


In October 2018, we met the awesome team at Manumit and were hugely inspired by the work they are doing to see #freedomthroughcoffee. Manumit support survivors of modern-day slavery through training and employment in the coffee industry, also providing the transferable skills they will need to build the lives they choose. We couldn’t think of anyone else we would rather work with to bring you perfectly roasted coffee!


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